Design of Digital Environments is a creative manifestation of the PORTFOLIO X philosophy - an end result of the rational investigation of existence, information, and aesthetics establishing the evaluative criteria of beauty and form. Design can change the world. Start now.



Architecture seeks to create spaces with serenity. ASMOBIUS provide architectural spaces that embody beauty and pleasure in serene settings, touching the sentiments of those who use them.

Archi Site Mobius Website

Carine Roitfeld


A genderless collection of fragrances for those who dare to be desired.

Carine Roitfeld Website


A specialized boutique agency specializing in training and coaching international airline personnel. 

TwinWings Website

Cindy Amelia Robinson


Cindy Amelia Robinson Website

Makoto Hirao


Makoto Hirao Website

Kreher Consulting

Kreher Consulting is the iconoclastic Consulting Firm that dares to state,"The learning process is simply a matter of progressing from cocksure ignorance to thoughtful uncertainty." This is not your father's consulting firm, rather a new paradigm for the 21st Century. From Heuristics to Complexity Management to Organizational Systems, Kreher Consulting excels.
                       Kreher Consulting Website


Microsoft Productivity Future Vision - By the Numbers


How can emerging technologies transform the way we get things done 5-10 years in the future? By bringing people together.

Microsoft Productivity Future Vision - By the Numbers Website



Logiq, based in beautiful Switzerland, specializes in the development of new products and innovations, the highest quality production, and successful placement on the world market through consumer-product and country-specific marketing. Their experienced development team, competent marketing team and global network contribute to the fact that Logiq products are sold in more than 40 countries.

LOGIQ Website [under construction]
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Sports Business Consulting International

An exclusive Sports Management and Consulting boutique agency planning and developing sports business on a global stage, including the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Sports Business Consulting International Website



BE2GOOD is based in Istanbul, Turkey, and specializes in the development of luxury consumer products for the Middle Eastern market. BE2GOOD focuses on the highest quality production and successful placement on the world market through consumer product and country specific marketing. BE2GOOD products are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide.

BE2GOOD Website [under construction]
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Business Mathematics Institute

Through its personalized courses and seminars targeting Universities and international Corporations, the Business Mathematics Institute instructs its global clientelle in the understanding of the language and philosophy of business mathematics.

Business Mathematics Institute Website



Helene Schjerfbeck possessed a precise power of observation.  She appropriated compositions and motifs by other artists for her own works.  She succeeded in being taken seriously as an artist -- initially in Finnish artists' circles and eventually internationally.

Schjerfbeck Website

Lindstedt Luxury Immobilien


One of the most exclusive Luxury Real Estate firms in Europe goes global. A new way of living a voluptuous and refined life is created - Deluxe Living.

Lindstedt Luxury Website

Appretium Appraisal Services

A leading arts and antiques Appraisal Services firm based in the U.S.A.

Appretium Appraisal Services Website

BOX FOOD Kebab Grill


BOX FOOD Kebab Grill Mediterranean-style street food made with fresh regionally-produced ingredients that is delicious and healthy is a completely new and innovative approach to eating "fast". BOX Grill's mission is to offer the highest quality, freshest, tastiest and most unique fast food in the world.

BOX FOOD Kebab Grill's Website [under construction]
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TOSTMANN The Executive Finder

An exclusive international executive search firm based in Germany and Switzerland. Their comprehensive, solution-oriented and sustainable consulting philosophy is reflected by an online platform in sync with its core-principles of efficiency and minimalist aesthetic. 

TOSTMANN The Executive Finder Website

Arabesque Asset Management


Established through a management buy-out from Barclays, headquartered in London, and led by founder and CEO, Omar Selim, Arabesque Values Based Asset Management strives to be the world's premiere sustainable investment asset manager and represents an innovative and ethical approach to global investing.

Arabesque Website

Ollendiek Couture


The couture style of Ollendiek is stamped by quiet, consciously unspectacular, yet lush and intelligent luxury. No In or Out, but continuing and perpetual metamorphosis of timeless beauty and edgy elegance. It is not what you wear, but how you wear it.

Ollendiek Website



A global engineering and consulting enterprise focusing on development and industrialisation of high-value consumer products.

invenio Website

Living 24

Living 24 is an exclusive Real Estate firm based in Germany that specializes in representing luxury renovations of large apartments and villas for private living as well as investment purposes.

Living 24 Website

Living 24 App


The Living 24 App is available on iTunes and the Google Play Store and is the Mobile-Web Gateway to an exclusive Real Estate firm based in Germany specializing in luxury renovations of large apartments and villas for private living as well as investment purposes.

The International Chronicles

An online Interactive Forum of Political Culture for the intellectual internationalist.

The International Chronicles Website

The Statement - Materiality Matters


Globalisation, privatisation and deregulation have meant that corporations have moved far beyond their traditional sphere of influence. What big companies and big investors do is as important as what most countries can do in creating a more sustainable world.

The Statement Campaign Website [under construction]

Silvia Decke - Architecture + Interior Design


Simple beauty, timeless design, and well thought-out functionality. Design concepts of consequence and conviction are arrived at only when instinct supersedes reason and all alternatives disappear. Compromises are not contemplated. The power to change and improve and beautify our surroundings lies in our own hands.

Silvia Decke - Architecture + Interior Design Website

Immobilien Lindstedt


Immobilien Lindstedt are passionate about delivering exceptional consumer experiences, and their outstanding track record, unique brand promise, and exceptional agent support system ensure customers the best results in the German market.

Immobilien Lindstedt Website


One of the world's leading fashion designers.


The Luxe

The art of travel is reinvented and presented with sumptuousness, confidentiality, and security. Welcome to The Luxe.

The Luxe Website

Bensimon Models & Talent


Bensimon Models & Talent is one of the U.S.'s leading model and talent agencies for kids.  Based in California and founded by famed children's fashion photographer, Ursula Bensimon, the website's clean design language presents a cutting-edge multi-media approach with myriad social-media channels.

Bensimon Models and Talent Website


The world's leading jeans wear and casual wear company.

LEVI'S Website

AQUA Model Management

A leading international Fashion Model Management Agency based in Zürich, Switzerland.

AQUA Model Management Website

Economic Forum Deutschland

The leading Economic Forum in Germany has a cutting-edge new multi-media communications platform.  A blend of forward-thinking design and a revolutionary navigation system compliment the thought-provoking content.

Economic Forum Deutschland Website



ESSENtiell is a leading consultancy in nutrition and health lifestyle. As a nutrition expert for managers and professionals ESSENtiell offers courses in workplace health promotion - including hands-on workshops with sensor technology - on the topics of 'fit to eat and drink in the workplace', 'Brain Food', 'Weight management', and 'Diet therapy'.

ESSENtiell Website

Flori Baby


Flori stands for pioneering baby products that revolutionize the market and make everyday life for parents and young children more comfortable. The undisputed best-seller is Flori's baby bottle: the Happy Fresh system is the first of its kind worldwide and is manufactured with over 60 years of production experience.

Flori Baby Website


VOICE OF THE WORLD is the first global online music-talent contest in history. The web-platform is content rich and has a unique design language especially created for ease of use in Mobile devices.



The VOICE OF THE WORLD App creates a multi-level, multi-channel merketing platform for the world's firs interactive global lonline music contest. It allows an open-voting system and real-time uploading of user-generated content.

VOICE OF THE WORLD APP (Smartphone and Tablet version)

Skrok Photography

Dietrich Skrock observes. The bizarre and the ordinary. The special which is inherent in us and the special that surrounds us. Nuances between joy and sadness, between vulnerability and strength, between straight lines and organic shapes. Quietly, watchfully, feeling.

Dietrich Skrock Website


The sister company of Max-Living, Denkmal24 specializes in renovations and restorations of luxury properties in Germany.

Denkmal24 Website

Denkmal24 APP


The Denkmal24 App creates a user-friendly 24/7 Mobile Internet platform presenting on-the-go options for Denkmal24's active client base and is available on iTunes and the Google Play Store.



Eida creates the world's most unique Baby Bed with a focus on safety and security, and a design completely dictated by the function. The patented membrane surface on which the child lies is made of a special textile that prevents the formation of moisture. The fabric is cuddly, hygienic and can be very easily zipped out of the frame and cleaned like lingerie in the washing machine. A breakthrough innovation is baby comfort and care.

EIDA Website [under construction]
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Silvia Decke (Flash Version)

Harmonious living spaces reflect the character of the inhabitants. The Silvia Decke website reflects our interpretation of her philosophy and approach to space: harmony and form in concert to create beauty.

Silvia Decke Flash Website



Wunderkind stands for innovative products, developed with great love of design, 100% Made in Germany and produced to the highest quality standards with over 60 years of production experience. Wunderkind consists of an innovative and experienced team of doctors, product developers and young parents. Working together, they develop products that revolutionize the baby market and make your baby's everyday life easier and more enjoyable.

Wunderkind's Website [under construction]
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Professor Robert Eccles


Professor Robert G. Eccles is the world’s foremost expert on integrated reporting and a leader on how companies and investors can create sustainable strategies. He is the Founding Chairman of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and one of the founders of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), and is Chairman of Arabesque Partners, the first ESG Quant Fund. Professor Eccles is the award-winning author of a dozen books including seminal works on integrated reporting, sustainability, and the role of business in society. He has his own column on Forbes.com. 

Professor Robert Eccles Website

4 SportLife

The best-selling Premium Sport Shaker in the world. We created a breathtaking video animation to compliment a rich multi-media website platform. (Flash)

4 SportLife Website

Helmut Weipert

An interactive multi-media platform - including our patented webpodX rich-content platform - for an international fashion model and actor.

Helmut Weipert Website

Helmut Weipert Mobile Internet

A special website created for Helmut Weipert for Mobile Internet devices. Please access through your Mobile Device at www.helmut-weipert.de (automatically switches onto this mobile website platform when Helmut Weipert website is accessed through a Mobile Device).

For direct view on your normal browser click here: Helmut Weipert Mobile Internet

Ghezal Immobilien

A leading real estate company run by Ghanem Ghezal, the star of Germany's Mieten, Kaufen, Wohnen - a television program focusing on real estate search and luxury living.

Ghezal Immobilien Website

Anna Maria Kaufmann

One of the most beautiful and captivating voices of our time. This multi-media platform has our patented webpodX multi-media player - an interactive platform for music, video, and rich streaming content.

Anna Maria Kaufmann Website

R2 Architektur


R2 Architektur Website

LaBelle Events

Exclusive Corporate Events Management Company based in Germany.

LaBelle Events Website

Dr. Heidi Scarlat

Zahnarzt-in-Mainz Website

Lx Salon Ultra

Lüx is a glamorous oasis for the New Bohème … an opulent, risqué Salon for the new elite that redefines the concept of luxury in the 21st Century.

Lüx Salon Ultra Presentation Website