PORTFOLIO X is a boutique international creative agency specialized in creating web-platforms, corporate design, films, campaigns, and digital media for the fashion, luxury, sport, music, properties, and financial industries.

Successful corporate design calls for a distinctive range of products and the associated visual communication; including films, photos, CI, packaging, letter head, and a dynamic web-platform. Today, appealing corporate design is an essential criteria for an effective overall identity - even for small to medium-sized companies - and must include the basic philosophy and attitude of the enterprise as represented by the corporate design.

PORTFOLIO X creates websites and constructs image campaigns, web-based solutions, corporate branding and design, marketing campaigns, PR campaigns, Internet campaigns, music videos, films, fashion shows, corporate events, and marketing and communication strategies around every client individually, depending on type and sophistication of product, budget, target market, and choice of media.

We develop and organize the creative concept - for marketing campaigns, websites, photo-productions, cinematic films, fashion shows, events, digital media, e-marketing, corporate advertising films, and music videos - and produce, write, cast, and direct the entire production. Through our expert internal staff and a vast international network PORTFOLIO X has access to all essential personnel - web designers, graphic designers, photographers, model agencies, locations, studios, film and lighting crews, make-up artists, stylists, post-production facilities, and choreographers.

A superb international team assembled through vast experience and contacts acquired in many years in the industry is molded specifically to each project. Post-production contingencies include all computer graphics, layouts, script, text, editing, printing, film and video editing, and web tools, including a proprietary content management system called AdmingroupCMS.

Based in Switzerland with offices in New York (USA), Frankfurt (Germany), and Lugano (Switzerland), PORTFOLIO X communicates in 6 languages - English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese.